Net Trainings

Since Salt Lake Crossroads Amateur Radio Club’s establishment in 2014, net trainings have been a club activity.  This portion of the current SLCARC website presents some of that training.  Prior to the club’s establishment, a group known as the Southeast Division CERT similarly coordinated with Salt Lake City Emergency Management using ham radio, as SLCARC does today.  The core of that early CERT group formed SLCARC.   Beginning in 2011, SW Div. CERT conducted their nets on 147.5s. As SLCEM moved into the new Public Safety Building (PSB) SLCARC was formed, PSB’s Ham Radio Room was equipped, and SCLACR’s K7XRD Fusion repeater came up on 448.525-100. See our Home page for the current net times and frequencies.

As drills, exercises, etc. have approached, over-the-air trainings often intensified.  Elements of those trainings focused on events at hand, some of which we continue to repeat each year — like the ShakeOut.   Above all, they collectively reflect a consistent history of a) our ham radio volunteer service, and b) good use of the important ham radio frequencies.

Please enjoy here some of our former net trainings.

KM7TMS, 2021 SLCARC Trainer

& S.A.F.E. Neighborhoods Ambassador At Large