Digital data communication is a vital, modern era communications mode that SLCARC uses over many frequencies. Our S.A.F.E. Neighborhoods hams are encouraged to gain familiarity with AREDN/MESH, HF Winlink, DStar, Fusion, DMR and Packet systems.

AREDN. SLCARC has a nonobridge at the City Creek repeater site which covers much of the northern Salt Lake Valley — when this nano is up and operating. Local hams are encouraged to join the valley wide system to which SLCARC occasionally contributes. That sizable system is also occasionally linked beyond the valley.

HF Winlink is practiced occasionally to deliver Save And Well Reports as part of our SN program. Hams with the necessary equipment and knowledge are encourage to add to our developing SLCARC MESH/AREDN network capacity.

DStar, Fusion, and DMR digital radios are occasionally operated in our drills and exercises. We control the Fusion repeater operating on 448.525 -100.

Packet has long been a practical digital data tool, and occasionally it is practiced by SLCARC.