SLCARC Net Preamble

Page 1 of 3 1st, 3rd and 5th Thursdays 147.50 MHz simplex Date: _______________
2nd and 4th Thursdays 448.525 MHz (-) 5 MHz offset, tone 100
Reminders to Net Control:
Say your callsign at least every ten minutes.
Release the PTT about every two minutes (good practice for when you use a repeater).
This is the SALT LAKE CROSSROADS AMATEUR RADIO CLUB Communications Net. Net Control today is ________________ (call sign).
My name is ____________________ (first name).
I am transmitting from _________________________________ (approximate location).
For more information about the Salt Lake Crossroads Amateur Radio Club, go to
The purpose of the Net is to develop and coordinate an emergency communications team in the communities within and surrounding Salt Lake City. The Net provides amateur radio operators the opportunity to exercise their radio equipment, to practice radio operating procedures, and to perfect the form of the Net. Although the primary focus is ham radio, other topics of communications and emergency response preparedness are discussed.
The Net is conducted on the 1st, 3rd, and 5th Thursdays each month on 147.50 MHz simplex and on the 2nd and 4th Thursdays each month on 448.525 (-) 5 MHz offset, tone 100.
The Net will stand by at any time for “Emergency” or “Priority” Traffic. Anyone can break into the Net by transmitting their Call Sign, followed by the words “Emergency” or “Priority”.
Is there any Emergency or Priority Traffic at this time? (pause)
I will call for check-ins from the four Divisions of Salt Lake City. When I call for your Division, answer slowly and clearly with your Callsign in ITU Phonetics. Give your first name, nearest public elementary school and whether you have any traffic.
The public elementary schools are a fundamental component of the S.A.F.E. Neighborhoods plan for disaster response in Salt Lake City. Whether at home or around the City, we recommend you know the location of the nearest public elementary school.
If you do not know your nearest public elementary school or division, speak up at the end of the Salt Lake City check-ins. If you do not live in Salt Lake City, you’re welcome to push the PTT after the Salt Lake City check-ins.
Page 2 of 3 I will acknowledge each station as the operator checks in. If I fail to acknowledge a station,
someone please call the word “Relay.” You then will be asked to relay for the missed station.
Net Control asks all stations to remain on frequency until the net is complete. If you must leave sooner, please check out with Net Control. At check-in, you’re welcome to ask for “early out.”
OPTIONAL: Have a pen and paper handy so you can practice writing callsigns as hams sign in. If you have an interested family member or neighbor, have him or her do likewise. One day, any of you could be asked to be scribe for net control or to direct the check-in part of the net. It’s really easier than you might think!
ROLL CALL FOLLOWS by Net Control ____________ (callsign):
Northwest Division, including the elementary schools of . . . Backman
Meadowlark Newman North Star Rose Park
Northwest, come now.
Northeast Division, including the elementary schools of . . . Bennion
Wasatch Washington Open Classrooms
Northeast, come now.
Southwest Division, including the elementary schools of . . . Edison
Mountain View Parkview
Southwest, come now.

Southeast Division, including the public elementary schools of . . . Beacon Heights
Bonneville Dilworth Hawthorne Highland Park Indian Hills Nibley
Announcements – Net Control
Announcements – Body of the Net Training Message / Drills / etc.
Questions or Topics of Discussion from the Body of the Net
Late check-ins
End of the Net:
This is _____________ (call sign of Net Control),
concluding the business of the Salt Lake Crossroads Amateur Radio Club Communications Net
at ________________ (time), thanking all those who have participated and those who may have stood by while we conducted the net.
This frequency, 147.50 MHz (or 448.525 MHz), is returned to general radio use. This is ____________ (call sign), monitoring (or clear).
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Southeast, come now.
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