Salt Lake Crossroads Outreach

Crossroads booth.
Crossroads booth.

Salt Lake Crossroads Amateur Radio club performs many outreach
activities demonstrating amateur radio, basic electronics, how radio
works, and radio services. We are available for:

  • Classroom presentations and demonstrations from elementary to college level.
  • Communications assistance at large outdoor events.
  • Training for FCC radio licenses.
  • Demonstrations and training for organized groups: scouts, 4H, school clubs, retirement centers.

Send e-mail to or call
801-599-0417 for more information or to schedule.

Be Prepared 2022


Why use a remote SDR? It’s all very nice to have a remote friend check your signal but if it’s two in the morning and said friend objects to your hours, the internet provides a way. Maybe you’ve tried the Northern Utah Web SDR but it’s a long ways away and its antennas point in all the wrong directions. Try the club SDR and you don’t need 1500 watts to get to it.

Here’s my CW call sign KI7NNP (the light blue dashes and dots) at 51.015 mHz.

K7XRD WebSDR waterfall showing CW call sign KI7NNP.