Technician Class

Learn the fundamentals of radio theory and make friends world-wide by studying for your Amateur Radio (aka Ham
Radio) license. This free course will cover every question that could possibly be asked on the FCC Technician-class exam.
Over eight weeks, James Bennett, KK7AVS and Mike Mc Ainsh, KI7MTI will cover each question in the exam pool, explain
its significance and answer your questions. Since the class will be held over Zoom, you won’t have to venture out into
the frigid winter nights to attend.
The classes start on Monday, January 16 th , at 6:30 PM, and run for eight weeks. Typically, the class will run for two
hours, but the instructors will be available to answer questions after class, and will answer questions submitted via email
between class sessions.
The instructors will have study materials, including the class presentations, available to you via their on-line drive. They
also will show you how to prepare for the exam so you’ll feel confident when you attend an exam session. They plan to
have a volunteer exam team on-hand to administer the exam on the Saturday following the last class.
The instructors have successfully helped a blind student pass her exam and will make accommodations for blind
students or any others who desire to obtain a license to transmit. After you successfully pass the exam, they will provide
help in getting you on the air, including information and assistance in obtaining and programming an inexpensive, but
powerful transceiver, setting up your first station, and becoming comfortable with speaking on-air.
Students will have to purchase a book, which costs $30, for the class. Information on ordering will be provided upon
registration. The instructors have no monetary interest in teaching from this book, but have deemed it to be the best
book from dozens on the market. They will send you an email with ordering information upon your email registration.
If you wish to sign up, send an email with your full name, preferred email address, and phone number to Mike, at Upon receiving your email registration, he will send you the information on ordering the book. He will
also send a link for the Zoom meetings via a class G-Group email before the first class. 73!

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