Great Utah ShakeOut/ SLCARC ShakeOut 2021: Early April Update

Utah’s ShakeOut Day is set for Thursday, April 15th. Please join thousands as they conduct their annual Drop Cover and Hold On exercise. You can register at the Great Utah ShakeOut’s website –

SLCARC will be practicing ham radio and S.A.F.E. Neighborhoods (SN) skills on Saturday, 17 April from 800 am-10 am for our optional events, and from 10 – 12:30 in the morning for our main events.  The exercise has two phases.  Please participate as able and practice safely.

Phase 1 activities focus on activities occurring within the elementary hub school districts from the individual, street, rally points, to/from hub domains. The skill practiced therein are largely up to the various participating hams within SLC’s many SLC elementary schools districts.  Please use the recently posted Net Trainings as a guide to what you may choose to do. If your district has a local CERT group(s), etc., that wants to coordinate a small and appropriate field drill, please encourage such and provide some communications advice/leadership/support. These activities should occur sometime between 8 am and 11 ish. Practice SN protocols as you are able and remember to be safe as you are responsible for your own safety and proper SN protocol standards.

It is not necessary to transmit from inside the school for this exercise.  On or near the rather vacant Saturday school yard is sufficient. We are trying to keep it simple and relatively quick.  Be finished up and ready to go into Phase 2 about 11-11:30.

 In Phase 2 we concentrate on hub comms to/from HRR (Ham Radio Room) comms. Every participating elementary school hub post, should create a very short description on a 213 message form of what practice occurred in their school district that morning. This should then be transmitted via 448.525 -100 to the HRR sometime before 12 ish.  I.  We encourage you to use your Logs (Station, Staffing, & Communications) and forms (213, 214) as appropriate.

After checking into HRR and exchanging signal reports, you may proceed with your 213 traffic to HRR.  After all participating Hubs have completed the report to HRR, we will close the exercise and hold a short Hot Wash, all on 448.525-100.

We are hoping to hear from you/your group!  Have a good ShakeOut and thank for participating.