ARES Connect Instructions

The new ARES Connect volunteer management system

  1. First you will need to create an account.
    1. Link

  • Remember to use your Call Signas your User Name. Then create your PASSWORD
  • Also, be sure that you list; Salt Lake Countyas County of Residence.
  • You can add your picture later if you do not have one at this time. Go to edit account.
  • Within a day or so the State will add your account to the County. The County will then accept your account and profile.
  • If you have already created your account and the state has entered in the County. When the County has accepted you. You can Log In. 
  • Then Log In to the link and go to events. Look for the events that you want to sign up for. 
    • Click on that event sign upand it will register you for that event. Hours will be entered in after the event is over or before the end of each month.  
    • You will be able to sign up for different events that you will participate with.
    • It will show what hours you can enter in. Add your hours and save. 
    • On your Log In you will see Points. As you enter in time the points will add up. 

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