MESH Training

There will be a MESH Training event this coming Saturday, the 28th of October at the Miller Public Safety and Education Building in room 275 starting at 9AM. 


Please feel free to forward this to invite your friends!  We have a large room!  Hams and even non Hams that are interested in the Public Safety value of MESH in an emergency are welcome.


Session 1  9AM – 9:50  Basic MESH what is it, how does it work, what can it do.  OK, I have a link up, Now what do I do? (covered briefly, Session 3 more in depth)


Session 2  10AM – 10:50  Advanced MESH –When you use something in a different way than the Engineers designed it,  Bad things will happen! How to make it work, with the Wasatch 100 as an example of one solution to MESH issues.    How to make AREDN work in the real world.  The three issues that AREDN has that will bring the network to a screeching halt, and how to solve or get around them.


Session 3  11:00AM – 11:50  Tools and programs to help set up and utilize MESH,  The three Step method to make sure a link will work.  What can you do on the MESH pipeline?  (Bring a laptop if you can to setup and view online tools for yourself – not a lot of power outlets, will have some for you).


Afterwards MESH Equipment show and tell, examples of hardware, and also Hardware available to be purchased at Super Buy prices – normally much less than the going rate!


Miller Public Safety & Education Building (410 West 9800 South Sandy)

Salt Lake Community College Miller Campus

Room 275






After the training, the following MESH equipment will be available:


ESH Ham Radio Equipment Super Buy!


Used Nanobridge M2 Radio only  $20 each


Used Nanobridge M5 Radio only   $25 each

Used Ubiquiti Networks NanoBridge M2 2.4Ghz and M5 5.8GHz MIMO  Radio only – This will fit in the NanoBridge high gain dish that many of you have already.  The 5.8Ghz and 2.4Ghz radios are inter-changeable, allowing you to have a go-kit parabolic system with both radios!  I have several radios in my bag of each frequency programmed with different loads, Ubiquity OS, HSMM-Mesh and AREDN.  You just plug in the one you need!


Ubiquiti Nanostation M2   $40 each  These are the more powerful Nanostation, not the Nano Loco.

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All are used, tested, in working order, but you will have to flash them your self if you plan to load another system like AREDN on them and not use the native Ubiquiti Air OS.


I also have new Ubiquiti Gigibit POE power supplies, 24 volt .5 amp units for $5 each or three for $10

Brand New Ubiquiti 24 Volt POE Switching Mode Power Supply, Model GP-A240-050  (part # POE-24-12W), Input 100-2401V, 50/60Hz Max 0.3A, Output DC 24V 0.5A with reset button.  Not only provides power to the device, but protection from storm pulses when connected to a grounded outlet and with proper Ethernet cabling.  PoE Adapters are highly reliable, and when used with Ubiquiti TOUGHCable™ (STP cable) with proper STP ends, they provide earth grounding and surge protection to help protect against electrostatic discharge (ESD) events


Please email me back with the quantity you are interested in


Remember, I do not warranty these units, they should all be working when I got them.


You can pick them up this coming Saturday morning (21st) from 8 AM till Noon at:


5168 West Carolee Hill Circle

West Jordan, Ut  84084


Please bring exact change, that is greatly appreciated.


Please pass this email on to your friends that might be interested, and tell them to email me if they want some, and to be put on the Super Buy list.


MESH basic and Advanced Training Sessions coming at the Larry Miller POST  Academy … Will send out an announcement soon.  

David T. Bauman

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